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Cartoon graphic of owners Aaron & Renee Smith holding a post driver: How a post driver revolutionized our business!

How a Post Driver Revolutionized Our Fencing Business

Learn about post drivers, how it changed our business, and watch videos of a fence installed by pounding fence posts!

From The Fence Industry Podcast: #FenceFam Aaron Smith is a household name in the fence industry! If you’re on FB following this pounding/driving post craze… You’ve seen Aaron talk and share videos on how they do it in WIS and MIN! Aaron took it one step further and hosts a FREE Zoom call every month on the techniques he and his team have perfected over the last 20+ years! Take advantage of this one if you’re curious about what it takes to drive posts in 2023!!!

REDIboss78 Post Driver with 3⅛ ID Guide Tube

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Brand: REDI Driver

Drive a wide variety of post sizes with just one driver! The REDIboss78 is a gas-powered post driver with a 3 1/8" guide tube powered by a HONDA gx35 engine. Purchase of this driver includes the REDIslvboss78 reducer for driving smaller posts up to 2". This is the largest & strongest gas-powered post driver on the market and comes with a 3-year warranty. Reducer sleeves in a variety of sizes are available for purchase separately.

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