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Gas Post Driver GPD-50

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Product Details
Brand: US Hammer
Product Details
  • Powered by Honda 4 stroke reliability, easy starting, no oil/fuel mixture, quiet running.
  • Ergonomic designed with twist throttle and available extension handles. Allowing operation from all positions and heights without a ladder.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • American designed and built with quality and pride.
  • Easily adaptable to your post size with a 3 1/4″ standard receiver.
  • Various adapter sizes and shapes available to fit your post.
  • Compact, efficient, and powerful, the GPD-50 is convenient to transport and easy to operate.
  • The GPD-50 provides twice the driving force compared to any other gas post driver on the market.
Adaptor Information

Post drivers come with one adaptor of your choice. Purchase additional adaptors and extension handles separately.

  • 3¼×1″ - use with ground rods or ¾ post or smaller
  • 3¼×1¾ - use with Tee post, 1½ post or smaller
  • 3¼×2″ - use with 1¾ post or smaller
  • 3¼×2½ - use with Gate post & 2¼ post or smaller
  • 3¼×2¾ - use with 2½ post or smaller
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