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Revolutionize Fence Installation with the No Dig Rig

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Efficient Installation

Move heavy equipment and materials around the job site easily with everything needed at your fingertips!

Happier Installers

Reduce the physical demands of pounding posts and open your pool of potential employees. Get more done with less labor.

Increase Profits

The No Dig Rig is a one-man operation and saves one person on the job site every time. Install faster without compromising quality!

No Dig Rig Specifications

No Dig Rig in yard moving pipe and pounding posts

A to Z Fence Supplies’ revolutionary AS 1000 No Dig Rig is the ultimate efficiency and convenience for fence installation. With its one-person operation, it saves time and money without compromising quality. 

Get your job site ready faster and expedite fence installation further while reducing overall labor needs with the No Dig Rig – your go-to solution for quick, efficient, profitable fence installation!

  • Crawler dump box runs hydraulic pounder off of it; no flow reducer or extra equipment needed
  • Adjustable mast and boom for pounding posts up to 13′ in length
  • Remote control
  • Equipment storage
  • Tool Storage
  • Moves materials efficiently around the job site
  • Powers additional equipment, such as a full-size SDS Max Hammer drill and a hydraulic rock drill
  • Charges cordless batteries on the machine
  • Magnetic level
  • Facilitates easy cleanup
  • Highway-ready with portable mast
No Dig Rig on trailer being transported to job site
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No Dig Rig (AS 1000) FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The AS 1000 No Dig Rig is available only through A to Z Fence Supplies. This innovative piece of equipment was created to address the labor shortage and work with our No Mess No Dig Fence Installation process and fencing materials.

We build each machine at our manufacturing sites. As we continue to use the machine in our A to Z Quality Fencing installations, we discover new improvement opportunities and continue to tweak it!

Only one! We designed the No Dig Rig to be operated by a single installer. The machine moves equipment and tools around the job site, enabling installers to work efficiently and effectively all from the rig.

No! While designed to make pounding posts much easier on installers, you can use the No Dig Rig with traditional fence installation, too. The machine will move tools and fence supplies around your job site and provide power to run other tools.

Any length of pipe up to 13′ can be pounded with the machine. The adjustable mast and boom allow for pounding different lengths of pipe.

The No Dig Rig was designed for our No Mess, No Dig Installation. A no-mess, no-dig fence installation involves

  1. Pounding a galvanized steel post into the ground below the frost line. (That’s 5′ deep in Minnesota and Wisconsin!)
  2. Sliding a vinyl fence post sleeve over the top of the galvanized steel post.
  3. Adding the rails and pickets to finish the fence assembly.


Benefits of this installation method include:

  • Fast Installation
  • Cleaner Installation
  • More Durable Installation
  • Easy, Less Expensive Repairs
  • Works in Challenging Conditions


No, not if the proper precautions are taken when the ground is wet or muddy. In these conditions, we recommend laying down plywood boards to protect the lawn from the machine’s crawlers.

In addition, we recommend installers throw their scraps in the dump box as they go to make cleanup a breeze!

Yes! Please call for details.

Call for Pricing

Are you ready to make the switch? The No Dig Rig is perfect for any fencing material. It makes installing fences even quicker and easier with the No Mess No Dig Installation process. Contact us today to receive a price quote and answer all your questions! You’ll reduce labor costs, increase profits, and get more done in less time. So why wait?