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Post drivers and accessories to pound fence posts – creating stronger, longer-lasting fences with less labor and a no-mess installation!

Cartoon graphic of owners Aaron & Renee Smith holding a post driver: How a post driver revolutionized our business!

How a Post Driver Revolutionized Our Fencing Business

Learn about post drivers, how it changed our business, and watch videos of a fence installed by pounding fence posts!

From The Fence Industry Podcast: #FenceFam Aaron Smith is a household name in the fence industry! If you’re on FB following this pounding/driving post craze… You’ve seen Aaron talk and share videos on how they do it in WIS and MIN! Aaron took it one step further and hosts a FREE Zoom call every month on the techniques he and his team have perfected over the last 20+ years! Take advantage of this one if you’re curious about what it takes to drive posts in 2023!!!

REDI Driver Commercial/DOT Package

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REDI Driver Commercial/ DOT Package is a user-friendly package with everything you need to drive most fence posts, sign posts, and guide posts. This commercial quality package is built to stand up to daily use and includes the following items:

  • REDIboss78 Post Driver
  • REDIslvboss78 reducer sleeve with 2¼ ID
  • Exclusive REDImagnum105 guide tube with 4¼ ID
  • Exclusive 2½' Handle Extension Kit
Increase production and work safer with this simple, user-friendly system. Perfect for posts from t post size, up to the larger u channel and guide posts. Reducer sleeves in other sizes available for purchase separately.
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